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For more information on fear of flying and virtual reality therapy

Example of a Virtual Environment Used in Treating Fear of Flying
This video will show you the typical scenes used in the virtual reality program for treatment of fear of flying.
Fear of Flying Resources
This website provides a range of information about flying including: books, cd's and videos. Facts about airline safety are also available.

Fear of Flying Symptoms and Treatment Issues
This website describes the common psychological and medical symptoms associated with the fear of flying. There is also a good discussion of some of the psychological treatments available for the fear of flying.

Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Therapy
This article from the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy reviews the majority of studies that have used virtual reality therapy to treat fear of flying.

Virtually Better
This website describes the virtual reality environments available for treatment. There are also pages devoted to current news and publications about virtual reality therapy.

Fear of Flying Books
A selection of different books available that deal with the fear of flying.

Fear of Flying Online Support Group
This website was started by a fearful flyer. There are general discussions about flying and the ability to ask a Southwest Airlines captain any questions about flying.

Fear of Flying Treatment L.A.
The Center for Virtual Reality Therapy has offices in Santa Monica, CA Calabasas, CA.  For further information please contact Dr. Alan Berkowitz, Dr. Nan Tarlow or Dr. Gerald Tarlow at (818) 465-8778. Or email us at vrtherapy@gmail.com